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Mr. Pankaj Bhardwaj is a proprietary technical analyst teaching profitable strategy without using technical tools and a blogger writing blogs for Day trader and Positional trader. He has a great research knowledge on US & European market. He also started future forecasting journey on Indian stock market by predicting Nifty’s future daily movement., he discovered so many charting techniques & strategies by using Gann Angles and Harmonic Waves With Fibonacci Ratios.

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Date- 13th Dec, 2017 Location- Delhi

Date- 15th Dec, 2017 Location- Mumbai

1) Understand the psychology of 90% loser

2) Swing Trade with powerful technique

3) Mutual Fund or Big Broker Fund or FII Trader Strategy (Positional-Trade)

4) Understand the BTST or STBT concept

5) Trend reversal strategy

6) Index trend (Nifty Bank, Nifty-Intraday or Swing Trend)

7) Money making intraday strategy (magical tool with rule)

8) How will you know where big traders want to make position?

9) New effects n stock?

10) IPO money making strategy (For single day only)