Options Trading

The program covers total knowledge of Options and special hedging strategies that are time proven for 3 years and expected to earn consistent profits with   high success rate.

These research strategies are based on the principle “Manage Risk, Returns will follow”. Each strategy has strong risk control mechanism so as to ensure that loss, if any, is minimum and profit can be any amount. It is important to initiate strategy at right time and then adjustments are made as market moves.

The adjustments to (or driving of) strategy is crucial factor for safety of capital and consistency in profits. Each strategy will be discussed with defined action steps and trade performance in the program. Invest in knowledge and the tool to empower this knowledge.

 1MarketView Cheetah, which is the engine for wealth creation. A special highlight feature of this application is Options Strategy Builder: Scans and filters and gives the best options strategy based on the trend and the view (conservative/aggressive/ moderate) on just a click of a button. It also gives a pay-off diagram for the trader to know his break-even.


CHeetah Campaign