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    Kat Lucille
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    KLR 6465 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

    I’m Kat, an emotive and conceptual photographer with tendencies to meld between candid, fine art, and photojournalist styles. While based in southern New Jersey, I work throughout the NJ-PA-DE area, sometimes further depending upon the client and the artistic urge! (Don’t hesitate to ask if I ever will come to your area!)

    Photography is a passion of mine and has been for quite some time now. I started with point-and-shoot cameras and film as a child and grew into digital. Photography has been a way for me to express myself when other ways just don’t work.  It has helped me come out of my shell and form me into the person I am. It has also helped me help others. Photography is always challenging, but also rewarding.

    One of the biggest joys I get out of photography aside from the sheer excitement of the creation process and bringing an image to life is the magic of the moments themselves. From the emotions expressed on the subject’s face, their body language, to the candidly-caught silly faces – it all means so very much. To be able to then present those precious moments captured to the clients, to treasure forever – especially if they didn’t even notice I caught it! – brings a huge smile to my face and warmth to my soul.

    I specialize in portraiture, relationships, weddings, boudoir, events, and fantasy work. I’m a strong believer in diversity and that everyone is beautiful as they are, no matter what you feel your “flaws” are. If you’re looking for someone to photoshop you into someone you’re not – I may not be the photographer for you.  Want to show off how different and special you (and yours) are? Then please – let’s talk!

    I pour my energy into making it the best experience I can for my clients. Sessions – whether it’s a portraiture session or an event – are about the experience. The photos are just the icing on top to look back on later! I strongly believe in the photos not looking forced, but the client doing what comes naturally to them. I want you to be yourself, I want you to have fun.

    Clients are never just a number to me. Each client that I work with becomes a friend. You’re trusting me with precious moments of your life, you’re letting me get to know you and you to know me! I’ve even been known to become a second hand when it comes to events and weddings in getting the bride ready to making sure all the little details are set. Often, engagements or weddings are the beginning of a life-long relationship between a photographer and client- from them may spring maternity, newborn, family portraits, senior portraits, or any number of lifetime moments. To be a part of that is a blessing indeed. From consultation to post-production, I make sure you are an integral part of the process. It is very important to me that those working with me enjoy the experience!

    I love being able to personalize shoots to best fit the needs of the client. While I do have some structure to pricing, each client is different, so each package is a bit different, too! Folks also benefit from the fact that I, myself, have modeled for over a decade, giving me a unique perspective and the ability to offer pose coaching, wardrobe assistance, lighting knowledge, composition, story, and communication.

    When I don’t have a camera in hand, you can find me most likely with my face in a book, petting my cats, playing D&D, performing stage combat at renaissance faires, or just wandering around nature.

    I look forward to creating with you and seeing what we can bring to life!

    P.S. I have a bucket list of ideas and locations! Want to know more?

    P.P.S. I also run Ravenmark Photography and Ravenmark Boudoir – for all your fantasy, conceptual, boudoir, and the strange photo needs! 

    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    I cater to OffBeat because I’m offbeat myself! I’m a femme-presenting queer (she/her/they/them/fae) who believes beyond words that love is love and we all deserve to show it off, treasure it and freely be ourselves. I want people to know they can actually be themselves around me. I’m inclusive, I offer gender-neutral contracts, I do everything I can to make sure my client is comfortable and happy. (As a bonus – I’m about to be an offbeat bride myself!)

    Overall – it’s hard to pinpoint just one thing about me that would make me a good match for many! I’m an introvert, who finds the ability to blend in a huge advantage to getting great shots. I’m a Rennie- not only in the sense that I’m always attending renaissance faires, but also that I’m a stage combatant! I have done historical reenactment and been a part of a Viking educational group. I’m a huge book dragon – especially the fantasy and sci/fi genres. I paint minis and play Dungeons and Dragons with my fiancé. (We even run our own little mini-painting business!) I grew up watching anime, I have a ton of manga and even cosplay! I love nature and going for wanders in the woods, hiking, or just staring up at the moon at night. You’re more likely to find me barefoot than wearing shoes any day of the week. I’m affectionately called a changeling by family and friends, and vibe with it hard. I’ve worked with a wolf rescue and a cat rescue. I adore animals and would adopt them all if I could. I’m owned by two furbabies who have my heart, and they are definitely my kids.

    I love working with others like me – the geeks, the nerds, the introverts, the different, the strange. I seek those who want to be able to be themselves, those who veer off from sticking to tradition and take their own path.

    When it comes to your photos – I’m the one inspecting and editing each one. I don’t outsource, I do it myself. What you see is what you get! From the consultation, the communication, the day of, and the post-process beyond – it’s all me! Especially due to that – I want to make sure that we click! I invite you to either jump in a Zoom, or to meet up somewhere for coffee to get to know one another, to make sure we’re a good fit before contracts are signed.

    Have questions? Please feel free to ask!

    We hired Kat to do a couples photoshoot of us at the Philadelphia Zoo and she managed to catch our relationship antics and romantics with amazing skill! We could not be happier with the results!
    - Jesse C. & Ami R.

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