About 1MarketView Cheetah

1MarketView Cheetah is a technical analysis tool that provides live stock market data  which allows you to create basic to complex studies within seconds using our built in strategy builder tool. Moreover, features like real time stock scanners, back testing, optimization allows you to refine you studies further. Advance charting tools to analyze the market, live market watch to see best and worst performers and more!

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Features of Derivatives

Features of Derivatives

  • Derivative summary report :
    1. It gives you scripwise information of active contracts , with change in open interest , premium/ discount, lot size , % change in open interest , cost of carry , put call ratio, and option calculator respectively .
    2. You can bifurcate todays active contracts also . 
  • Open interest Watch for Derivative:
    1. Scrip wise open interest report gives you strong and weak contracts bifurcation with their open interest in lot , and total open interest [ volume], and % change in Open interest.
    2. It can be used to make the Option Strategies 
  • Live Continuous and Contract wise F&O Chart:Live Continuous and contract wise charts are available. Continuous chart is added to maintain the continuity of charts, irrespective of the Contract Expired.

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