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1MarketView by CDP (India) Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized NSE data vendor providing real time stock market data along with numerous technical analysis and data analysis tool to cater to all types of traders and investors. There are numerous reasons for you to choose any 1MarketView solution as its vital investment toolbox:

  • Pure uninterrupted data as we are authorized NSE data vendor
  • Setup as simple as a plug-n-play
  • First class support to help our customers achieve the fullest out of our solutions
  • You can opt for a FREE TRIAL before you experience the impact of 1MarketView
  • Technical analysis tool as well as data analysis tool for all your trading needs
  • Real time Live NSE data for Amibroker for Futures & Options and Cash Equity.

1MarketView Products

1MV Cheetah

1Marketview Cheetah: It is a technical analysis tool that provides real time market data. It has over 240 built-in studies and indicators with charting tools, in addition to that it has excellent live market scanners and back testing features which helps you build complex strategies and refine them within seconds.

1MV Jaguar

1MarketView Jaguar: A real time stock market data plug- in that provides live stock market data for Amibroker. Live market data is updated Tick by Tick and Backfill is provided in minimum 1 Minute Time Frame. Amibroker real time data is available for both Equity and Futures and Options segment for NSE. 1MarketView is an authorized NSE DATA VENDOR for both and cash futures and options segment.

1MV Tiger

1MarketView Tiger: It is a data analysis tool which combines real time market data, news and advance tools and functions, specially designed for real time traders who use intra-day data to transact in real time throughout the trading day. It combines business news, exchange announcements and has features such as live market scanners, EOD report, charting tools and more.

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